We StyleWomen's Homes,Hearts & High Heels

Beautifying Women From The Inside Out

A woman is only as beautiful as her well-dressed heart. We understand that styling a woman's outside is only half the battle to looking and feeling her personal best. Chastity Stemmons unique take on family, faith, and fashion includes styling women according to who they are in God and what they are called to do! Each woman learns the importance of "dressing up to show up to her life!" Our style services are where faith and fashion collide to align a woman's inner and outer beauty for her to sit in her royal position in the world.

It's Time To Fight For Your Fancy, God's Way!

Home, Heart & High Heels Styling Firm 

"You can sit in the corner and have a pity party or you can get up and fight for your bomb-diggity life!"

Girlfriend, You Got This!

The world is your runway and it's time for you to get on it and look and feel good while doing it!

Hello Friend, I'm Chastity, Speake & Stylist and I'm here to equip you to WIN at home, GROW in faith, and ROCK the heck out of your style! In other words,

 "Fight For Your Fancy!"


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