Create The Home, Life, And Style

You've Always Dreamed Of!!!

I believe that YOU, the modern day woman, wife and mother, want to have it all without forsaking your faith, family, friends, and fancy fashions. You are a fierce, faith-filled, and unforgettable! The one thing keeping you from WINNING at HOME, PROSPERING in LIFE, and ROCKING the WORLD around you is the lack of practical, affordable, and DOABLE tools to help you live the life you really want. I created this MEMBERSHIP GROUP with YOU in mind and my goal is to equip YOU to have a full, exciting, and abundant life.

Join The HIHH "Jushh Your Life" Membership Group

Look no further! You came to the right place to learn and enrich your home, life, and to start a business or further your career. 

This is the place where you can find Chastity sharing inspiration, tips, and wisdom for life to help you navigate and run your home AND your business like a well-oiled machine.I

"Style Your Life"

Membership Group 

The Woman, The Word, & Her  Wardrobe.

Girlfriend, You Can Become The Fierce Fashionista, Faith-Filled Fireball, and Unforgettable Woman You Were Born To Be!

In This Life-Changing Training Group You Will:

 1.  Establish goals and priorities to enrich your personal and professional life.

 2.  Learn strategies to become an indispensable asset in your company and a leading

      authority in your industry.

 3.  Become the wife and mother you always wanted to be while going after your dreams.

 4.  Develop the mindset necessary to switch from leader at work to wife and mother at home.

 5.  Create the home, style and career that is purposeful, fashionable, and divinely inspired.

Your Homemaker In High Heels Group Membership will Include:

  • Access To The Private Facebook Group, exclusive to Homemaker in High Heels members only.

  •  Weekly enrichment videos to keep you sane and sassy that will help your overcome                    overwhelm and stagnation and get you prospering and improving in your home, life, and career.

  •  A weekly pre-scheduled live video that will give you step-by-step instructions to help  you navigate through challenges that may arise in your home, life, or career. (These videos will  remain in the private group for your viewing convenience.) During live videos you will be able to  ask questions specific to your concerns. Chastity will speak directly to your situation as if she is  right in front of you.




  • An atmosphere of acceptance in a non-judgmental environment in which to learn.

  • Great place to create new relationships.

  • Inspiration and encouragement from your Success Coach and group members.

  • The experience and perspective of other professionals.

  • Save money on group courses.


Join The Jushhhy Friends Circle


Styling Your Home, Heart, and High Heels

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