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Giving Birth To A Vision! Happy Birthday

This day last year I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy! We have been overjoyed since the day we found out we were pregnant. I announced I was with child-pregnant to anyone who would listen. Although there were no visible signs of my condition, nonetheless I was pregnant. My doctor confirmed it by stating, "indeed you are pregnant!" I then proceeded to ask the doctor, What's the due date? I needed to know how much time I had left to prepare myself and the rest of the family for our new birth. I consider the physical, mental, and spiritual endurance it was going to require to bring this baby into the world. My mind raced with thoughts of daily vitamins, monthly doctor's visits, unusual fatigue, weight gain, cravings, mood swings, and so much more. My life from that day forth was about to change drastically.

What are you EXPECTING? What is on the inside of you? What are you carrying around? Have you announced it to anyone yet? We should all act like pregnant women with our dreams and visions. Pregnant women can't wait to tell somebody. In minutes from finding out I was pregnant I must have told at least 6 people and a complete stranger. I was showing no signs of being pregnant, but I announced it so convincing to the hearer that they believed it too. I received the same response from almost everyone I told. First the pitch of their voice would go to a really high octave and out came, "CONGRATULATIONS, you are having a baby!" Isn't that funny, I announced it with excitement, they believed it and everyone I told was now expecting me to have a baby. I am not telling you to go announce your dream or vision to the world, but I am telling you to share the news with someone. Mary was expecting a child (Jesus) by the Holy Spirit, not only was that unbelievable but naturally impossible. However Mary believed what she heard the angel of the Lord spoke over her life. She travelled far to tell her cousin Elizabeth, because she needed to tell somebody of her dream. The angel of the Lord told Mary that she too would be pregnant.

Friend if you're not pregnant, you will be with purpose, passion, and endless possibilites. The dream that is on the inside of you wants to be birthed out. You must first get excited about being pregnant with that idea or invention. Don't forget to tell someone you trust so they too can get excited with you. You also must nurture your baby by taking your daily vitamins, which is prayer and reading the word of God. Please don't forsake going to your doctor's appointments with the Great Physician (God The Creator) so He can tell you what stage you're in and if any adjustments need to be made. Remember there will be mood swings and unusual fatigue because you are stretching yourself in ways you have never been stretched before.

Last but not least, when you feel the pains of labor remember it's a sign that you are getting close to giving birth. Just when you think you can't do it anymore and the labor (hard work) seems too intense, out will come that which was on the inside of you. It is an amazing feeling when you see your baby, business, or dream for the first time. The thing you have been carrying around on the inside is now for the world to see. In an instant at the sight of my bundle of joy I suddenly forgot all that I went through to bring it to fruition. Happy 1st Birthday baby Stemmons and Happy Birthday Chastity Stemmons Enterprises. Today I celebrate the birth of both of you. A Baby and a Business!

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