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Reciprocity Relationships - YOU ARE A GIFT!

You Are A Gift!

I am really big on building healthy, strong, and satisfying relationships. I am not into one-sided relationships because I think they are selfish, self-serving, and self-centered on one person’s part and self-deprecating on the other's. You might be in a relationship with someone where it is all about them all of the time that is not healthy for either one of you. We are hard wired for relationships that are satisfying in both giving and receiving each other as a gift from God. One-sided relationships can be very harmful to one’s self-esteem, self-worth, personal growth and development. The reason being is if you are always the sounding board, encourager, and support to another person you are merely an unpaid counselor with no personal relational fulfillment or connection. If you are the needy Nelly of the relationship and it's all about ME, MYSELF, and I or my 4 and no more then you rob yourself of serving humanity. When a person doesn’t give to others they WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED nor will they find their worth and value to others. When you enter into a relationship with someone whether its personal or business God intended for each party to 'SERVE" each other and knew that you two companies or people were a great match to what each other needs.

My husband and I vowed to "OUT SERVE EACH OTHER!" We are agreeing to value, listen, care, and serve each other all the days of our life. I say this respectfully, "WALK AWAY from dead relationships!" The truth is you teach people how to treat you. You have one life and it should be valued first by you and by the people you choose to have in it. I am a firm believer in giving a person an opportunity to change, but if you already have said any of these statements; "I don't like how you treat me!, This relationship feels like it's all about you!, Do you ever care about my needs?, and etc." Reality check: You don't have a relationship. "POWER WALK AWAY!

Ask God to give you strength to walk away and desire more for yourself. When you desire the best for your life God will send the right people in your life. YOU my friend are a precious gift and everybody likes to be given a gift and receiving one as well.

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God Bless,


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