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Fashion Me Forward Family Edition

Happy Friday, Lovers! Welcome to Fashion Me Forward: Family Edition! In the spirit of love, I'm going to share a few nuggets about one of my favorite subjects: FAMILY!!!! This post is dedicated to MY MOMMA and her life lessons which made me the "Homemaker in High Heels" that I am today!

When I was a child, my mother dressed me and my sisters alike every day. My older sister and I looked so much alike (being that we were only 15 months apart) that occassionally people would ask us if we were twins! My mother was a homemaker who loved cooking, cleaning, and making her girls look and act like little girls. When we were young she would put on her Jane Fonda workout outfit, blare Michael Jackson on the record player, and invite us to join in with her workout shenanigans! She encouraged healthy eating habits and healthy living as a part of everyday life and taught all three of us girls how to present ourselves from the inside out!

My mother also emphatically enforced our use of manners, proper etiquette, and correct speech at all times, especially outside of the home. She was a fashionista in her own right too, being daring, bold, and sometimes eccentric in her outfit selections. She allowed each one of us girls to experiment with our own style, hair, and make-up during our adolescence. However, if our chosen lip color was all wrong for our skin tone she had her own unique way of letting us know! Thankfully, my mother raised us to embrace both an internal spirit of excellence and external feminine grace!

My sisters and I still embrace our momma's life lessons and dress our children up in matching colors and outfits during the holiday season to represent our individual families just like our momma did. However, I must admit, that I enjoy it so much that I like to take it to another level! As planner, home organizer, and schedule keeper extraordinaire, I even go so far as to prepare at least 7 days of outfits for my kiddos in advance every week! So every Sunday you can count on the Stemmons Family coming to church in pre-planned matching outfits (cheesey I know, but I would not have it any other way). Truthfully, if I could plan my husband's outfits in advance, I would. Mister (aka Ryan) isn't having it! He is going to pick out his own clothes his way, but with the mindfulness of me and the children's pre-set outfits. (Thank goodness he is a pretty spiffy dresser!)

I love walking in my momma's footsteps as a Homemaker in High Heels and I love sharing her life lessons with all the women that I meet because I realize now that her "life lessons" were actually "love lessons" that add sugar and spice to the homelife!

A Little Story

One day in church a little girl came up to my husband and asked him, "Minister Ryan, why do you and your family match with your clothes every Sunday?" He graciously replied to this inquistive little girl, "We dress alike because we are a team (Team Stemmons) and when you are a team you wear the same uniform so everyone knows you are on the same team!"

Little did I know when I was growing up that my momma was giving me important tips and tools to unify my family, and win at being a wife and mother with her "life lessons" and "love lessons"! This week I want to say THANK YOU to her for all that she taught me and the freedom she gave me to express myself through fashion, fun, and family! The team uniforms we wear continue to be important to me because of what they represent: family unity! My momma taught me that when you are a family you should look like it AND act like it! I'm not suggesting that you and your family have to dress alike to achieve unity, but I am suggesting that you find the common threads that makes you a family and unite around them! Be determined to become a TEAM in 2016!

I leave you with hope and much prayer for your families to be built up in Love, Hope, and Faith! As you love on your family this week ponder this: How do you represent your family? What sets you apart as a family? What traditions do you have? We would love to hear your responses and your great stories or ideas to help inspire others to enjoy faith, family, and fashion! And PLEASE send us your cute TEAM photos to cstemmons@hotmail.com! We've included a little gallery of our typical Sunday matching outfits and we can't wait to see yours! Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers!

God Bless,


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