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How to mix dress styles: Spring Church Wear

Spring is Here! I enjoy spring because it represents a new season. New and beautiful things begin to bloom in spring that have laid dormant for months and the long-awaited warmth of the sun gives everyone a sense of excitement. Those who live in the midwest know what I'm talking about when I say the weather here is fickle and doesn't know if it wants to be winter, spring, or summer during the transition months. However, I ditch my dark and heavy duds for bright, light, and airy clothing the moment the calendar date says spring has begun (this chick will "freeze for fashion"!!). I gravitate toward colors that make me feel cheery and hopeful no matter what the temperature is outside.

As many of you know, I break most fashion rules and wear what feels good to me. For this look I mixed my fancy white jacket with a classic spring-time dress and popped on, not one, but two belts to add some vavavoom to my waistline (what?... a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do to create a waist when you are a little soft around the middle. LOL!) Finally, this little number wouldn't be complete without stepping into some insanely ridiculous, bright blue, fringe hanging, after-five shoes. Yep I did it..I did whatever I wanted to do with this outfit and it felt good to my soul......awwwwwwww.

Oh, by the way I wore this little get up to church. I figured Jesus likes all that this mixologist puts together since He made me this way! Girlfriend look, I don't share these fashion tips and looks because I think I'm the best dresser or some type of style icon. I share these outfits to help women everywhere climb out of their boxes and be BOLD and UNIQUE ! Just like a flower, I want to inspire YOU to get comfortable in your own skin and live brightly and boldly the way God made you! In the words of Manolo Blahnik, "You weren't made on an assembly line so be unique!" Remember to always rock your style, YOUR WAY, embrace who you really are, and live free!


EARRINGS: Burlington Coat Factory

HANDBAG: Michael Khors


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