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5 Tips to Loving Your Body Now

Summer is upon us! In just 6 weeks many of us will head out to sandy beaches, rolling hills, and sunny playgrounds. At the beginning of the year I'm sure we all resolved to be "bikini ready" by June. However, the reality for some of us is that life happened, and our carefully laid plans went awry. Don't be discouraged! There is still hope. Whether or not we have kept our New Year's Resolutions and met our fitness goals we can look and feel great this summer with these 5 tips.

1. Accept yourself where you are right now. Today is a gift! Don't waste time beating yourself up. Even if you have weight-loss goals that are still in progress thank God for your body and what it has already done. It has carried you this far and it will get better!

2. Don't pick the scab. We all have imperfections. Don't rehearse yours over and over. Our words have power. Speak and think positive thoughts about your body and your appearance and it will get better.

3. Take care of what you have now. Treat your body kindly! Get massages, put lotions and perfumes on, don't rush your beauty regime. When you do you don't take time to treat yourself well you miss opportunities to make your body better in small ways that would make you enjoy it more. So paint your nails, put on your lipstick, and SHINE!

4. Dress your body well. Don't pick frumpy clothes just because you aren't where you want to be. Go to your closet or go shopping and put on something you really enjoy wearing! Get the size you need right now and enjoy it! You will reach your fitness goals but you don't have to wait until you do to enjoy being you. Feel good and look good right now.

5. Take the first steps. Find an activity that works for you and do it! Get in a workout class, take a daily 10 minute walk, or learn a new sport. I personally enjoy Zumba because it feels more like a party than a workout. I also like to walk the trails with my kiddos and walking can be great exercise! Take along some hand weights to build strength and endurance.

In the words of 3 John 2, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospers." Enjoy your body today and fall in love with your fitness journey!

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