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Twinning, Winning, & Launching

1. Twinning - Fraternal not Identical

Twinning is fun! Everyone loves to grab a gal pal and dress alike or at least coordinate. Just think of the many times you have called up your friends to ask them what they were wearing to the party so you can show up looking like Salt-N-Pepa! Also, think of the fights you've had while trying to coordinate outfits among many different personalities! That's when would be twins can become mortal enemies! Lol! Happy Robin Shaw, and I love to hit the mall together and often fall in love with the same piece even though we couldn't be more different. We rock our own unique styles in our own unique ways and never pressure each other away from a fashion choice (unless that fashion choice is pure disaster)! We might love twinning, but we also recognize the beauty of diversity. You have to be you or else you will deprive the world of being a gift from God.

2. Winning - Not Losing but Still Winning

Robin and I are not perfect. On most days we both are fighting to cover our midsections, loose skin, and stretch marks with every bit of available spandex while trying to achieve health, wellness, and balance as mothers who proudly carry the scars of motherhood that often occur when you bring new life into the world. Both of us have found that our bodies are not quite the same since giving birth, but we've also both found that when you are trying to find your uniqueness it is important to ignore the negative self-talk, wear what you wanna' wear "flaws and all" and get on with the messy business of being you in order to truly find your adult woman self. When you take fashion risks and do the thing that scares you, you grow in your confidence as a woman. It is then that you begin to care less about what people think and more about what makes you feel good and the journey to wellness can begin. So you may not be losing weight at the rate you want - so what! You can still be winning when you take risks and let your beautiful, unique, and one-of-a-kind self be born - a you that has such a unique flair that it can't be copied even when twinning.

3. Launching...(bring on the tissues)

At CSE, we are all about women getting free, being who they really are and living their dreams and Happy Robin Shaw is about to do just that. She moved to Japan 18 months ago and shortly after took the fashion world of Kobe by storm for CSE attending fashion shows, visiting boutiques, and learning everything she could about the fashion world of Japan to pass along to our readers. Because of her passion for writing and photography, more and more opportunities soon arose for her and now she is launching her own blog, The Journal of Health & Happiness, a lifestyle inspiration blog dedicated to - you guessed it - helping women #gethappy #gethealthy and #getliving. You can check her out at http://www.happyrobinshaw.com to sign up to be the first to know about her launch which is coming in the next 5 days. And don't worry, you will still see her blogging at www.chastitystemmons.com!

Please share with anyone you know who is on a wellness journey and don't forget to like, share, and comment on Facebook (@chastitystemmonsenterprises), Instagram (@happyrobinshaw and @chastitystemmons), and Twitter (@tweetchastity). Help me congratulate Robin on her new blog by signing up today!!!

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