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Welcome To The House of Love!

Hey Sugar! Can we talk?

The Homemaker in High Heels has been a labor of love. Our family has lived in 3 different states, 4 homes, and 1 apartment in the last 11 years. Phew! Although it has been W-O-R-K, I now can say cheerfully that God has blessed me with each new home every time I completed the final projects in the last one - and a new assignment. The creative side of me enjoys creating, designing, and DIY'ing our homes to make each one feel like it was made with our family in mind, BUT, what I didn't know was that He had YOUR family in mind too when I was getting victory over mashed potatoes and finding joy in the gravy.


In 2009, we moved to Minnesota in a small suburb where you could find beautiful lush parks every half of mile and streets filled with blah, beige, and brown houses everywhere (in my opinion). Of course, I chose to buy a 2-two-story, barn-like red house in the 'burbs of Minnesota that stood out like a soar thumb in the middle of the block. "Many of our neighbors never lived around people who didn't look like them so we stuck out as much as the red barn house. It was like God was saying to our all neighbors "Get ready! The modern day Huxtables are moving in." I quickly realized that I was going to have to make our home on the inside feel like a place where we belonged. I went to town splashing beautiful paint colors and soothing and calm elements into our home and made it my personal mission to transform our two-year-old, red barn house into a colorful masterpiece. I painted a feature wall with orange to bring a bit of fun into one space, and yet another wall with color-blocking. For the rest of the home I choose very soothing colors throughout. I had a great time designing that home and making lasting memories with my husband and two children. Just when I started to adjust to my new environment and completed all the projects and enjoying the simple life in the big red barn, it was time to relocate again! It was bitter sweet. On one end I was jumping for joy at the thought we were moving closer to family and on the other, I was a little sad to say goodbye to all the good moments and all my hard work and the love that my family and I shared inside of that home.


Our next stop was the suburbs of Kansas City where we found ourselves on the search again! We leased an apartment to buy us some time to find the perfect house for our family and I was determined to move into a "move-in ready home". After the massive re-do of the Big Red house, I just wanted to hang curtains, put down a rug, and slap some pictures on the wall. Of course, life always has a way of saying "REALLY" to all of your well-thought-out plans. I was now 5-6 months pregnant and had been looking strategically for a house for almost 9 months. I felt like "if I had seen one I had seen them all" so when my realtor called with news about another house to tour, I wasn't very excited. Never-the-less, I reluctantly dressed my big belly up and headed to see yet another house.

The home was in a great neighborhood with a good school district but I must admit that I rolled my eyes when I saw it. To me it felt like a dark dungeon. The layout was oddly shaped and the walls upon entry were doo-doo brown, the light fixtures were brown and to make matters worse, the neutral color adjacent from the dining room was this god awful yellow/tanish/peeish color! The cherry apple red kitchen with black cabinets, while suited to some buyer's taste, was nice but felt more like a bachelor pad than a kitchen suitable for a family of five. The house literally made no sense! I walked slowly back to the entrance to simply say to my realtor, I need to call Ryan to come and see this.


All I saw was work and more work but I must admit I felt in my heart that this was THE ONE and I felt God's love from the very beginning! I looked up at the ceiling in the dining room and said to my realtor, "First of all, all the lighting has to go." From there, I just started rattling off all the changes that I would make and my journey to the House of Love began. As each change began to unfold, God began to unfold a new aspect of my life. The joy of being a wife and mother began to overtake me like never before and I knew that I had to share this journey with the world!

So come on over! I welcome you to the House of Love! We named it that to remind us and others who enter our home several things: 1) God is Love and Love Never Fails! 2) Love brought us together and Love will keep us together. 3) Love is a Healer and Helper 4) Love will never go out of style and is always trending!

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Let's get Jushhhing Together!

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