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How to Cope with "Unique Child Style"

"It's a girl!" When I heard those words I was convinced that I was finally going to have a little mini-me! I dreamed of frill, fur, and all sorts of girlie fabulousity for my little princess, especially since my first born was a boy. I soon found out, however, that not all girls are the same.

My girlie-girl aspirations flew out of the window when my little princess' personality, gifts, and talents began to emerge. My sweet baby girl was more like "ATHLETIC, ROCKER, PRINCESS" and wanted nothing to do with foo-foo and fluff. She preferred comfort rather than couture, sporty rather than sassy, and rock-star rather than rhinestones. And the look suited her unique, take-no-prisoners personality perfectly! My little pumpkin could run circles around any boy in any sport as soon as she could run, jump, kick and pass a ball.

Fortunately, I embraced who she was early, instead of trying to force her into my glass slippers. One of the great gifts my mother did for me was to allow my personal style to emerge organically. She had the final say in our overall appearance and behavior, but we were allowed to have an opinion and experiment. I wanted to afford my daughter the same opportunity (with a little motherly guidance, of course).

When you find out that what suits your child best is not what you would choose, follow my mother's example. Give your child a little freedom to spread their wings but don't compromise on important values. Modesty and lady-like behavior are non-negotiable in our household. Just because a little girl may prefer gym shorts doesn't mean she shouldn't close her legs when sitting down. Similarly, you can dress like a rock star and still greet people with love and kindness. If you are careful not to stifle your child's creativity with unreasonable wardrobe demands, you will find in the long run that your child will be grateful for the opportunity to be who they really are and more able to embrace the important behaviors and values that you are trying to instill. You will also find that with so many new options to choose from, there are plenty of cool, cute looks that you and your child will love!

Our faithful, friendly fashion correspondent, Happy Robin Shaw, found a few fashion-forward choices during Kobe Fashion Week in Japan to help our "not-so-fairy-princesses" and "rock-star-baby-boys" connect with their unique personalities.

Tough Guys

It's so hard to find cute clothes for boys. Sometimes it seems that every store is filled with the same khakis, plaid shirts, and sweater vests. These outfits by Hysteric Glamour, however, give us reason to believe that there is light at the end of the "t-shirts and shorts" tunnel. Boys too, can have their own unique style thanks to these rock-star duds that are red-carpet ready.

Go-For-It Girls

If your little girl isn't a pedestal-princess like mine isn't, she will love these rough-and-tumble yet cute-and-fun outfits. Lots of pink and accessories let her know she's still a little lady even though she was born with an extra dose of fun and flair. Tennis shoes and boots are totally appropriate for little ladies these days and will make her feel comfortable and happy. And this cape....what can I say, it's EVERYTHING. This one is so cute it's perfect for a fun mom and daughter outing!

I hope these fun looks gave you some inspiration! Remember, don't put your kiddos in a box, find some looks you both will love! You might have a real rockstar on your hands, but even if you don't, letting them be who they are will make you feel like a rockstar mom.

Let me know what you think of these looks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and send me your pics of your "style child". Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more fun ideas to spice up your home, life, and style!

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