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Beat The Heat (Modest Vacation Style) Venice, Italy Pt. 2

Hello Ladies,

Summer is almost over so I hope you've taken some time out to vacate your normal everyday life and have some fun! If you haven't, never fear, there's still time to squeeze in a little R&R for yourself. As hard as you work you deserve a break. However, taking a break from work doesn't mean you should take a break from being the stylish hot momma that you are, so if you're thinking of taking a staycation or getaway don't forget to check in to your playful summer style. I know it's been hot out here in these midwest streets, but it was even hotter in Venice, Italy where my bae and I spent some much needed one-on-one time together this summer. If you missed my last post click 3 Tips To Keep You Happy & In Love (Venice, Italy Pt. 1) to read.

Venice is absolutely beautiful and although it caused my love life to be a little bit more hot and happy, the weather was extremely hot and humid and the terrain was rocky. This romantic destination sits on the water and boasts cobblestone streets filled with hidden gems and shops in alleyways, nooks and crannies. Long story short, heels are not an option. So what did this chica do? I purchased 3 items for my trip from Ross Dress For Less and created 3 easy, pack-light, budget-friendly, and comfort chic outfits to see the beautiful sights of Italy.

As we all know by our Instagram feeds, summer is the prime time for women to bare a little more skin...some times a little too much. As God's girls we want to remain modest even when tempted to strip down to beat the heat. Although its trendy to show BM (back meat, breast meat, belly meat, and booty meat), as women of God we can be sexy and trendy without showing all of our sacred goodies.

"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Now, by no means am I telling you to wear a skirt to your ankles and a turtleneck in the summer time. I'm simply asking you to listen for the Holy Spirit's voice when it comes to dressing yourself. There have been times that I went to put something on and just didn't have peace wearing it. As soon as I took it off or added something to it, then the peace would return. You may be thinking "Chastity, does God really care about how I dress myself?" Of course He does! God cares about all the details of our lives including how we represent ourselves on earth. I believe that a woman of God's character, conduct, and clothing should draw others to Him.

Now on a practical note, do I think God cares about what shade of lipstick, hair color, or what style personality you have? Probably not, but He does care about the motive of why you dress and do what you do. Often women dress themselves according to how they see themselves or based on their self-worth (or lack thereof). If a woman is praised for her body and starts dressing according to the cat calls and attention she receives from men, then most likely she doesn't believe she is worth more than her body. If a woman doesn't give any attention to her health and hygiene, it's possible she doesn't believe in herself and has little-to-low self-worth. I simply want to remind you that you are worth the time and investment to look and feel your personal best at all times.

That being said, I wanted to share some of my summer vacation styles that allowed me to look hot for my husband and glorify God at the same time. Using the NO BM RULE as a guide in my vacation style, I covered all of my goodies. I know the shorts are a little short, but I did the "bend over and touch your ankles test" and no butt cheeks were hanging out! I embraced the off-the-shoulder shirt trend but made sure no cleavage was showing and I sported the same strappy sandals that are jushhhed with gold only because they were the most comfortable for my travel adventures.

Outfit #1- Cute Colorful Comfort

I dared to be cute, comfortable, and colorful while shopping and viewing the beautiful streets of Venice. I found this colorful printed top at Ross Dress For LESS for under $15. I felt sassy, cute, and comfy because of the striking pattern and loose fit. This shirt was perfect for giving the mister a little shimmy shoulder action reminding him he always has them to lean on.

Outfit #2- Soft and Subtle Edit

When you are in such a romantic place as Venice, it truly brings out a woman's softer side. On Day #2 I opted for a soft but subtle vibe to keep the love and romance flowing. My cream and gray free-flowing dress from Ross Dress For Less was a bit long for my 5'2 frame. Having no time to get it altered, I grabbed a pair of cutting shears and cut off two inches from the bottom and used the excess material as a head scarf and I loved it! I then tied the bottom of the dress in a knot and it was fitted to perfection. It was perfect for sight-seeing and brunch on the water with my man. Sometimes you have to improvise and edit what you have to create a one of a kind look tailored to your personal taste.

Outfit #3- Cool, Casual, and Creative

Day #3 I knew we were going to visit the St. Mark's Basilica Church in St. Mark's Square which had a dress code for entrance. My off-the-shoulder blue dress from Ross Dress For Less would of have been perfect except the dress code required pants or dresses at least knee-length long. Also, shoulders must be covered there. My little blue dress was just shy of making the cut of making the knee length criteria, so instead of throwing out the idea of my blue dress, I simply needed to be creative to make it work. I paired it with pinstripe capri pants that I already owned and pulled the shoulders up and voila' I had a modesty approved outfit. Nothing is wasted with God even my little blue dress. It just need a little creativity. Just as I mentioned earlier, there are times when God will have you alter your style for his Glory. If you have a man, he too will appreciate your classy, modest, and sophisticated style and will find you super attractive especially when your inner and outer beauty collide.

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Happy Living,

Chastity and Ryan

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