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Ryan & Chastity's Travel Story: How They Love, Fight, & Travel

Hello, Superstars!

Today I want to share a little-known fact about love and marriage that we may not share on our personal Facebook or Instagram pages ...Marriage is work! Much like our careers, our marriages have good days and "not today satan" days. However, we can't walk away from our responsibilities and commitments to love and marriage when times get tough. I never want to be the type of blogger or woman who acts as if my life is picture perfect or that I never face challenges. Believe me, as long as I am in this human body, I too understand what it feels like to have real, heated exchanges with my man (which I like to call intense fellowships) which I have actually found to be very valuable.

We mere mortals tend to want to only take the good and throw out the bad with the people in our lives, but truthfully my marriage has become good because of the times Ryan and I worked on overcoming our challenges and differences in a healthy manner. Yes, the boat ride smiling and cuddling as we sailed down the river in Venice was great for pics and social media, and that was all reality, but what's also real (and what you didn't see) is the hot and heated disagreement we had in the airport on the way there (watch the video for the awful details)! What Ryan and I have discovered is that it's all a part of marriage. We are determined to grow together and have a long and lasting union until death do us part, and we hope you will do the same in your marriage.

In this episode, we chit-chat about growing our love, fighting fair, and how we have successful trips together. Basically, Ryan and I wanted to share some of our marital experiences (including fights) to keep you and bae happy and in love. If you haven't already, I would love for you to SHARE this video on your pages to other women who desire to be happy and in love. Also, if you would like Ryan and I to come to your event and teach a relationship course or share our testimony of love and marriage, reach out to me here! To find out our speaking topics click here!

As always, my favorite part of doing these posts is hearing from you! Please leave me a comment on your thoughts on how to fight fair in marriage and any good tips you have for hanging out with your man. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE for more great updates and check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Until the next time,

Chastity & Ryan

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