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5 Tips To Give A Toast Like A Pro!

Hey, Sugar!

It's your girl Chastity, and I'm back to help take your entertaining and party girl jushhh to the next level. Recently Ryan and I went to a wedding and really enjoyed ourselves. However, during the wedding there was a slight mishap at the reception that I wanted to share with all of you as a cautionary tale in case you find yourself in the same situation. I don't want you to think that I'm constantly scanning for blips on the etiquette radar, but I noticed this one because it gets to the heart of what I hope everyone gains from my posts - internal and external beauty. Allow me to explain.

The wedding was beautiful until...the toast. Two of the three people who gave their speeches totally missed the toast like a pro mark! Now, if you've every been asked to give a toast, you know just how difficult it can be to prepare. You don't want to say too much or too little, and all you can think about is how not to embarrass yourself (or the person you're toasting). Often that worry and focus on self (instead of the guest(s) of honor) causes embarrassing moments, rambling, and awkward jokes. Sometimes we innocently forget to keep the spotlight on the honoree out of nervousness, and other times we are so consistently focused on ourselves and our appearances that we never realize that we've failed to shine the spotlight on the people who truly matter - the honoree. Truly remarkable women know when to focus on others more than themselves. The toast is the time to let the beauty of love and friendship shine and in so doing, you will look good too.

We are right in the middle of a season change, and it's time to get your party groove and etiquette on! And because I love you beauties so much I had to take this opportunity to get your toast life together. These tips will help you craft the perfect toast, and you'll walk away looking like the belle of the ball!

Practice For Performance

Once you know you have been asked to give a toast at a celebration, you want to be prepared for performance. Your toast should be relevant to the occasion and should always end with a congratulatory ending. Start by selecting two or three interesting and specific points that you want to convey to the person(s) you are toasting. If you are going to give a toast at a wedding, you want to make your points that will lead up to celebrating the couples' new life or journey together. Make sure you talk about them more than yourself. I can't emphasize this enough. Although you might be a character in the story you are telling, resist the temptation to make it about yourself in any way. It might sound funny in your head, but there is a greater chance that it will cause an awkward silence. Practice, Practice, Practice! Grab a friend or family member and go over your toast with them so you can get comfortable with the points you want to say and ask for constructive criticism so you can give the toast of a lifetime.

Short and Sweet

Now that you have all your points written down and are feeling comfortable with what you are going to say make sure you keep it short and sweet (no more than 3 minutes). Edit, Edit, Edit! If the toast is a little wordy narrow it down to the most valid points and make those points powerful and colorful with words. You always want to keep your toast good, kind, and sweet towards those you are toasting. Shine your biggest, brightest, and boldest light on the person being celebrated. This is not the time for inside jokes and embarrassing stories. On a person's wedding day they want to look and feel great, not be reminded of their misdeeds, mishaps, and breakups. Any story you share should be a celebration of their love. You can also share beautiful insight or stories that drive your points about love, kindness, and fidelity that will encourage them on their journey of life.

Look and Hook

Stand up, be confident, smile and own the room! Start your toast by acknowledging the host by positioning yourself where you can make eye contact with the person you are toasting and engage the others in the room. Contrary to popular belief, you should never bang your silverware on the glass to get the attention of the other guests. Don't raise your glass until the very end. Hook them by speaking loud enough to be heard and acknowledging who you are and how you know the person you are toasting. This is important because instead of people whispering to one another "who is she" you will have already stated your name and relationship right up front.

Be True To You and A Friend To Them

This is not the time to want to be something you are not so if you are not a naturally funny person don't try to be Kevin Hart on the day of the toast. If you were asked to give a toast, the person has already considered your personality and determined that you were the perfect person to speak at the celebration. Let your hair down, relax, and enjoy being a part of such a memorable moment. If you aren't being authentic, it will show and make the moment even more awkward.

Close Like A Pro

In your closing remarks you want to invite all the other guest to join in by raising their glasses. End with sentiments from the heart such as best wishes on your wedding/retirement/new baby/etc. I'm reminded what Paul says in the scripture:

"Rejoice with those who rejoice..."

Romans 12:15


I want to personally lift my glass to YOU for being a strong, brilliant, resilient, and faith-filled woman. Just in case you haven't heard it lately you are one AWESOME LADY! The mere fact that you have joined this community tells me that you care about your home, faith, family, and your fashion. If this is your first time visiting my blog I want to tell you personally, YOU BELONG HERE and we are HAPPY to have you! If These were helpful be so kind to hit the Thumbs UP button and invite a friend to join our community.

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