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How To Go From Cheap To Chic

If you've been to Starbucks this week, you may have noticed that PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) is back! Do you know what that means? Fall! You may have traveled, eaten, and bar-b-que'd yourself into a frenzy this summer, but there's still a way to look great without breaking the bank with these three little tips!

1. You've Got to Firm It to Turn It

Foundational pieces are what give your wardrobe something to build on. Get a firm foundation with the right shapers, shoes, and handbags and the rest will fall into place!

  • Shapers

You’ve got to “spank it to rank it.” If you want to rank on the best-dressed list in your local mom’s group, you have to spank it. Mom jeans and yoga pants just won’t cut it if you want to be known for your style. Lift and firm at every turn. Remember, breasts, bellies, and butts need to all go up! If your undergarments aren’t doing that, they aren’t working for you. Some people are afraid of Spanx because they think they’re too tight. Honey, please!!!! That’s what they're supposed to be. I don’t need to breath. I will breathe when I get home. When the waiter asks, “Would you like another shrimp?” I say, “No sir, there is no room in here!” Body shapers can take up to an inch off each side of your waist helping you fit securely into last year's clothes. You can find them for any budget everywhere including Target and Walmart!

  • Shoes and Bags

You need at least one matte, one metallic, and one patent leather shoe in neutral colors. Remember, quality over quantity is what's important for footwear. No glue honey! You want your shoes to look “oh so chic” and not “oh so cheap.” Never buy high platform shoes. They scream “Vegas Strip” (no explanation needed) and they aren’t stable or sturdy. Think classy! Look for a nude shoe or classic black patent leather pump or any other neutral color that will mix well with many outfits. Watch out for online bargains - you need to test drive your pumps before purchasing so that you don’t end up buying a lemon. All high heels have a meter, but you shouldn’t be tip-toeing after 30 minutes.

​A classy handbag goes hand in hand with your classy shoe. If you get a shoe and bag in a neutral color that match each other perfectly, you’re ready to roll in any outfit. Don’t forget - the same rules apply when purchasing handbags - no glue and no back alley deals. You want to go 100% class for your bag because those "bargain bags" often unravel down the road (literally) and you don't want threads hanging from anywhere when you're trying to look like a million bucks! Don't be afraid to check out those brands you may have only dreamed about. Many outlet malls have amazing deals on all the bags you love including Coach, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade at low, low prices. Shop holiday and off-season sales to get the best deals.

2. Buy Fabulous Fabrics

I'm a bargain shopper just like the next gal, but sometimes I have to just say no! We've all seen those cute, cute stores with the unbelievable prices and run inside only to find that everything in the store is made of the cheapest possible material. If you get too close to a candle wearing these clothes, you'll go up in flames! The solution? Don't skip the bargain basement altogether. Look for the best pieces they have.

  • Lay It On Thick

It’s time to jushhhhh! If the material is too thin, it won’t wear well. Look for thick, quality materials such as silk, wool, and cashmere and avoid jersey knit, stretchy fabrics, and polyesters. (Note: polyester is tricky because these days it’s gotten a little better, however, shop with caution and make sure it looks and feels good before buying.) Again, buying more expensive fabrics is an investment, but you’ll get more mileage out of tried and true textiles that are crafted with care!

This is especially true for fun fabrics such as animal print, gold lamé, and glitter. These work well only if they are high quality. Some designers can work with these glam trends without making you look like you’re playing dress up but this is where online shopping often fails. You need to touch and feel the fabrics you’re purchasing. Do they make your heart sing, or scratch and itch? Don't buy anything that doesn't feel great inside and outside, and don’t be afraid of fur and fabulousness! Little bits of luxe are always on sale before and after Christmas.

  • Ignite Your Senses with "WOW" Accessories

Amazing touch and feel goes for accessories too - make a statement with amazing statement jewelry. If you’re on a budget, get great staple dresses and bring on the jussshhh with good quality accessories! Many people are afraid of statement pieces, so you’ll find them at great prices at high-end stores at the end of every season.

3. Get Properly Fitted

  • Cover Those Goodies

No breast meat, butt meat, or back meat! Every lady has a curve or two, but they're not for public eyes. Cover your essentials to maximize your classy look but wear the right size! You're not ten years old and you’re not going to “grow into that coat” next winter. Don’t plan for weight gain! Buy the proper size. If your clothes are too big, you look messy - period. Some women try to camouflage weight gain with bigger sizes but doing that actually makes you look bigger than you are. Keep spanking everything up instead and plan for your weight loss and not your weight gain.

  • Tailor Made Magic

Tailoring is king! The best way to make sure your clothes look like they were made for you is to make them "made for you." If you can’t afford complete custom outfits, buy quality and take it to your local tailor. A good tailor can work wonders and lift, pull, and cinch you to the wardrobe hall of fame. Many high end stores offer tailoring as a standard service. Why? Because it makes you look fabulous! Notice how the woman on the left (below) has slouchy pant legs that cover her shoes (whatever they look like - her pants are so saggy we can't see them!) You really can't risk this happening to you. Many local tailors are cheaper than you think! However, if tailoring isn't in your budget, Walmart, Target, and fabric stores sell "hem tape" or Stitch Witchery for just $2.99.

  • Imitate the Greats

When in doubt, find outfits you love on Pinterest and copy them! Many fashionista post free outfit tips that you can recreate yourself. Here's a few to get you started!

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