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Great Style Has No Limits- Fall Fashion

Hey Jushhhy Friends,

I know the stores are filled with Christmas decorations and you are ready to hang the ornaments on the tree but before we start roasting marshmallows on a open fire can we just look QUOOT for fall first? I love fall weather and I'm crazy about fall dressing. WHY? Because it's that time of year wear you get to add, add, and add more to your look without looking a hot DUSTY mess! I admit I do EXTRA and go bonkers over accessories, faux furs, belts, boots, and all that jazz. The more the better in my case and it's right up this girls alley!

I know I'm not alone in the fall fashion madness and because I love my doll babies so much I wanted to share some recent looks that are easy to recreate and make your own with what you have in your closet! Yes your closet! By the way if you haven't already checked out my new virtual SHOP YOUR CLOSET service you are totally missing out on how I can help you JUSHHH YOUR LOOK right from the comfort of your own home. Click HERE to learn more.

Any woo, I digress back to my fall fashion frenzy tips that will get your look together quick and in a hurry! Truthfully, nobody has time for standing in the closet like one who looks in the fridge a million times to just see the same ole' stuff sitting in there as if something new is going to magically appear. However, with my bomb-diggity tips you will restyle that dusty old dress to something magical.

Dress up your dress for fall

Girlfriend, take your one piece wonder (Dress) to wonderland by belting it and booting it! Yes, transform that semi-spring dress into a falltastic marvelous momma look by cinching it in at the waist and add some boots and you are ret-to-go!

Turn up with prints and patterns

Turn up the fall sizzle in your life by pairing two different patterned clothing items to create a one of kind chic look! Yes, girlfriend you can look ohh so chic in mix and match clothes. I know what your are thinking... Chastity, How do I pull that off? I'm glad you asked. You find likeness in both prints or patterns and there you have it. I chose color to be the common factor and I ran with it and so can you! No matter what you pair together remember to have fun and make it your own.

Ohh no she didn't look with leather!!!

Girlfriend, you can not go wrong with leather! If you don't know by now two things rev my engine LEATHER & LEOPARD! For me these two items will NEVERRRRRR go out of style, at least in my world. Let's talk leather! Leather is a sure fire way to edge up your look and it will add that sexy flair that we all want to own! You have to own that inner sexy woman that you are. Who can wear leather? Anyone and everyone...don't be scared! If you don't want to go total rocker babe your first time out the gate, no worries add a soft lace or ruffled shirt that reminds you that you are soft, feminine, and girly.

I hope you dare to be bold and beautiful and create one of kind looks that you absolutely love! If you are still a little nervous about going at it alone no problem girlfriend I am here to help you find your style personality and vibe. I offer several styles services that will get you looking and feeling your personal best. I would love to style you and equip you to rock your style your way! Click here to learn more about Jushhhin' your look!

Here is some more inspiration to jushhh your look for fall. OHHH YEAH it's time to bust out with bold and bright colored tights! I recently uploaded a video on my YOUTUBE Channel, How To Wear Colored Tights. Watch Here and while you are there go ahead and SUBSCRIBE so you will be notified when my new video come out!

Until Next Time Jushhhy Friends,

Stay FAB!!!

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