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Eat The Cupcake, Buy The Jumpsuit, And Pray!

"When in Rome do as the Romans Do!" Pass The Cupcake Platter Please

It was a perfect evening holding hands with my boo thang walking the amazing streets of Rome, Italy. As I pranced along in my high heels on the cobble stone (I know what your thinking...crazy choice of shoes, right?) but a girl was trying to look sexy for her man!!! We walked slow because of the heels but also to take in the breathtaking shops and bars (aka that's what they call their restaurants) where people hang out after hours. There is something romantic about experiencing something new for the first time with your main squeeze.....Can I get an AMEN?

I was quickly educated that the people of Rome come out at night for food, fun and fellowship. Social gatherings over dinner and wine are common place. We were informed by the hotel concierge that dinner doesn't even get popping off until after 8:30pm, which is my actual bedtime. We have all heard the saying "When in Rome do as the Romans do", and because I'm a rule follower I thought it to be wise to take a much needed nap mid day so I could hang out and dine with the locals after hours. Bae and I walked up to the local eatery where music was playing and laughter echoed throughout the streets. I was eager to sit and people watch as the locals smoked cigarettes, had intense conversations, and sipped on wine while passing the bread from one end of the table to the next.

The freedom they had to just linger for hours and fully engage with one another was quite impressive. I didn't see too many people with their cell phones out, instead I noticed how present they were with one another. As I looked on I recognized my nagging thoughts trying to take me out of my zone of peace and joy! You know those thoughts like, "Are you really going to eat that bread this late at night? Or perhaps "Don't even think about having gelato after eating all of that food because that will be way too many calories."

Strangely enough I noticed all the women were eating pasta, bread, gelato, and everything else that came to the table and they seemed quite happy, relaxed, and carefree. I thought what do they know that I don't know. I dared to wonder if they were thinking about calories, how to work it off if they did indulge in the delicacies and all the other head junk that was trying to rob me of the moment of bliss with my man. Here I was in Italy alone with my man, looking like a delicious cupcake myself and yet I was still afraid to eat one. Well not technically a cupcake, but I was afraid to dive into the very treat that the Italians were known for; gelato! I rehearsed over and over in my head at least twenty times why I need to order the gelato. I didn't want to return home regretting not having tried it, so I made the decision to get some and grubbed it down like a mad woman. I'm sure I lost all cool points as I dug my spoon into this delightful treat and licked the side of the cone like a dog drinking out of a bowl. I savored every ounce of goodness that hit my mouth! Yep, I lost all class and sophistication in that very moment and I don't regret it.

That day was a turning point for me and let me tell you why. A few years back as I was approaching my fortieth birthday, I promised myself that I was not going to take into my glorious forties all the head junk and stupid stuff that hadn't served me well in the past. That night in Italy was a "BREAK EVERY CHAINS," come to Jesus and dip me twice in the baptismal water moment for me. I vowed I will no longer be consumed by my own negative thoughts when God has blessed me with an amazing life and family. This was the day that John 10:10 became REAL to me. This was the day I said, "DEVIL you will not ROB me of another BOMB moment every again!" Y'all I meant it then and I mean it now and I stand on the word of God and I hope you do to!

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

I knew I was no longer going to accept a water down version of my best life and you don't have too either! I started declaring daily that JOY belongs to ME! PEACE belongs to ME! SELF-ACCEPTANCE belongs to ME! LOVE belongs to ME!

You name it, I declared it over my life and I'm declaring God's BLESSINGS over YOU right now! Girlfriend, you have to "fight for your fancy" and your freedom to eat the gelato in peace!

I'm not telling you to be careless and not pay attention to your overall health and well-being, but I am telling you there is a time where you have to tell the devil to shut up, then go and enjoy your cupcake without guilt, shame, or harrassment! You beloved ARE worth living a beautiful life!


What I am telling you to do is don't wait until you have the perfect body, family, or career in order to enjoy your life! I'm simply telling you to buy the crush velvet jumpsuit and wear it proudly even if you are ten pounds over your ideal weight! There are too many things going right in your life to put all of your focus and attention on the things your still desire to improve on.

As I stood looking in the dressing room mirror with a few extra belly rolls for my husband to swoon over, I was proud of the woman I was becoming! I can honestly say I'm not who I use to be. I have become a woman who owns who she is flaws and all and my hope is that you will do the same. I am a woman who has prayed her way to self-acceptance and I'm proud to be God's daughter both publicly and privately. I am His!!!

I didn't get confident and comfortable in my own skin overnight. In fact on many self-doubting days I still seek the Lord about how I'm feeling on the inside. The thing that has been consistent is when I PRAY to Jesus about what is concerning me I hear things like this, "You are fearfully and wonderfully made... You are a victor... You are my beloved and chosen! The day I stood in the dressing room with a cranberry, form fitted, crush velvet jumpsuit on I could of talked myself out of buying it because momma has probably eaten one too many cupcakes (lol) but who cares. All I know is when I put it on something on the inside of me lit up and I felt awesome in it! I felt beautiful and brave, like a woman daring to be all God has created her to be.

I hope this message will cause you to know more today than ever before that Jesus loves you right now, as is! Friend, never give up on yourself and "FIGHT FOR YOUR FANCY" because you are worth it!

I leave you with what I heard in the dressing room that day, "EAT the cupcake, BUY the Jumpsuit, and PRAY!"

Life is but a vapor. Here today, gone tomorrow. Enjoy your days!

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God Bless,


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