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Paint and Perk Up

When was the last time I told you thank you for being such a great jushhy friend to me!

Thank You Doll Baby!

You may be wondering why am I thanking you. Well what you don't know is that at the end of the year I really wanted to quit and throw in the towel in my business. Many of you who follow me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM may of gotten wind of that in some matter of fact way because truthfully I was starting to fizzle out slowly, but it was your comments and private messages that kept me hanging in there.

I needed to step back and re-evaluate what and why I was doing what I was doing. All I know is that I needed my cup refilled by the BIG JC (Jesus Christ). I slowly backed off of social media and spent more time with the Lord seeking guidance and direction. To be quite transparent my business has had a share of ups and down throughout the years. I am no where near one of those people who in 12-18 months in business that had breakout success and some massive breakthrough financially.

I know it's hard to believe because of my dazzling good looks, chiseled abs, and flawless skin and hair that I don't have thousand upon thousands of followers (totally joking), but I don't. Instead I have been chomping at the bit every step of the way trying to stop myself from throwing my laptop at the wall and sailing off into the sunset only to have a mere existence to walk on sandy beaches with wind flowing through my weaves or to skip rocks on some old pond. I know what your are thinking, you are so EXTRA! I totally am and I admit it because I have watched one too many mellow dramatic movies and it always has some over the top deep standing by the water revelation scene.

Anyhoo, I don't have affiliate links or sponsored post where I can make a profit in my business while I sleep, nope not YET! This girls coins have been held hostage like people on a ship without a sail. Don't judge me it's not from the lack of trying. Last year alone I applied to several affiliate link programs and was turned down by all of them (I admit I don't know what I'm doing...I'm just saying!) I also recall sending out several emails to work with brands who I love and adore and use their products on the regular and this girl got no response. I give myself an " A" for effort but effort doesn't pay the bills! So quitting became a real thing to me because I was putting in long hours with little pay!

What many business people won't tell you about is all the losses and closed doors you face in the process. There have been times I took from my family household income to support my efforts to learn the next right thing I needed to know to increase a profit in my business in hopes to learn the "tricks of the trade" to have killer financial months like many of the business gurus I admire. I will always be happy for other peoples success and wins because I believe in supporting those who are doing great work in life and business. However, I had little to nothing to show for it in my own business...ughhh! I appreciate those killer business people who do it right because it gives me hope that one day my business will do the same. I even love learning from great minds and thinkers because it stretches me to think outside of my normal thought pattern.

However, in my experience I found myself more frustrated than ever because although I learned what I needed to add to my business like sales funnels, opt-ins, and more I still would have to learn how to add those new things (another training..which requires money), when to do it, and how to properly launch a course or program. For me that sounded like more work that I no longer had time, energy, or money to do. I was already stretched thin and depleted trying to do Facebook live videos, Instastories, write blogpost, film and edit youtube videos, and not to mention still run my home and family well.

"This girl was tired!!!"

Business is no easy task and if you are a small business like I am it comes with a fair amount of challenges. For more than four years it's been me and another person behind all of this. I don't have a team who answers my emails, brings me coffee (that is on my wishlist tho'), housekeeper, although I applaud those who do! Nope. Zelch. Nada' it's just me and Robin (my best friend/lawyer/editor/counselor in the middle of the night) who is currently on maternity leave adjusting to her new baby and family schedule and boy do I miss her!!!

I refuse to bother Robin while on maternity leave with all the matters of business so if you see many grammatical errors in my post please show some grace in this season and do not PM me about my mistakes (there is a reason I had to say that!) Robin does all the editing, oversees my writing projects, and makes sure all my ducks are in a row legally, and that my words on blogposts sound fabulous in writing. Most importantly she handles most all of my cray cray behavior, keeps me on track, and sane behind the scenes. EVERYBODY NEEDS A FRIEND LIKE THAT!

Since my recent burnout and Robin being gone I had to really have a come to Jesus moment with myself because I knew I could no longer keep all of this up, this way. I prayed and when I say that I prayed I was really asking God to give me an out from all of this! This being I wanted to go and live my jushhy life privately and without the demands of trying to have to figure out the next steps in business.

At the first of the year I started sending out my resume and interviewed for a "REGULAR JOB" and yes I got it! However, I turned it down because that job would've required me to work on most weekends and that was an automatic NO, because I was not going to miss my children's games and activities.

After much disappointment I asked God, "What do you want me to do?" I simply heard in my spirit, " Go paint AND perk up!" I was annoyed that the answer to my business question from God was "GO PAINT!" He was telling me to put a paint brush in my hand when I was trying to figure out how to monetize my site...seriously!!! I had enough common sense to obey what He said and searched the house for my painting supplies. On my scavenger hunt I kept hearing scriptures verses ringing in my noggin, such as Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

I had been living in my house for five years and had touched every room with my design and decor ideas accept my master bathroom. The site of my bathroom made me cringe and I avoided it as much as possible. At the Lord's instruction I grabbed some leftover paint that I used from the living room and started to go to work painting the outer walls. I snagged a bomb grayish blue color in the clearance rack at lowe's for a whopping $2.50 that I was going to use for the vanity area. I took this untouched room and started to add my touch too it...my jushhy touch! I had my little helper (son) and some 90's RB blaring (nope not gospel...judge me if you want too...I'm not going to apologize for it either) in the background and suddenly I could feel my joy return and my worries about business slowly evaporate. You might be asking how did that solve your business problem? It didn't solve my business problem but my joy and peace returned. The start of the process of the bathroom transformation yielded four life lessons I wanted to share with you in hopes it may bless you as well.


1. Follow Peace

I realized working harder and overloading myself was stressing me out and stealing my joy. I can't control God's timing or how and when He wants to bless me financially. What was in my control was doing what would make a difference in my home, life, and style right now! God knew what was best for me and that was painting the bathroom. Instead of sending out another email I splattered paint on a wall. In order to follow peace I had to get rid of anything and everything destroying and robbing me off it. I admit my coins are still low but I'm rich in blessings that are all around me.

"The more I focused on making a profit in my business the more I was becoming poor in spirit.

The more I focused on what was right in front of me the more joyous I was becoming."

2. Appreciate Others

While I was up there painting the walls I became even more appreciative of my family, friends, and especially Robin who has labored with me in this business journey without complaint. I appreciated her friendship, loyalty to my vision, and her many hours of unpaid work when there was no money coming in. I appreciated my husband who has held our entire household down spiritually and financially without ever making me feel like I should do more to contribute to our family goals and for given us this great life and home that I get to design.

3. Do What's In Your Heart

It was while I was sanding the vanity area getting ready to paint it bright white did I realize that I always wanted to design the bathroom and make something beautiful out of it. I had the vision of what the bathroom could be stored in the cracks and crevices of my heart and God put it there for me to see to it that it comes to pass. I always desired a vanity area that I could sit down and get jushhy with perfumes and makeup! Well friends I get to check that off my list because now I have it!

4. Don't Edit or Wait Just Post It

The greatest takeaway from this ongoing bathroom project and my money being low is to post the progress not the finish result. You see before God told me to paint and perk up I would of waited to post the finish product and did all of my bathroom renovation projects when my bank account was filled with dolla dolla bills y'all. I would of waited until I could have hired the entire project out so that I could have a pinterest worthy bathroom.

Instead I choose to post it anyway. I knew I had the ability to transform the bathroom to something better than it currently was. I still have dreams of beautiful floors and counters installed for my dreamy luxury spa like bathroom but only when the time is right.

I like many of you may have fell into the trap of waiting until everything is finished or picture perfect but I made a decision up on that ladder I'm going to post my progress pics anyway much like those on a weight loss journey and I hope you do too. I learned like the bathroom we are all works in progress and God wants to use us and show us off right now! The bathroom still has a ways to go before I reveal it's final glory but I chose to share my progress of myself and how far the bathroom have come with a little effort and ingenuity.

I would love for you to continue to follow my bathroom transformation journey by subscribing to my website if you haven't already. My favorite part is and always will be is reading your comments below. If this post was helpful please LIKE and SHARE with your jushhy friends and family!

If you would like to see more of the bathroom updates I've made so far and some painting tips check out Chastity's latest HOMEMAKER IN HIGH HEELS episode on YouTube.

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Until next time, keep "FIGHTING FOR YOUR FANCY!"


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