Benefits of Group Courses and Programs


Are you looking for a place to GROW, CONNECT, and BELONG? If so, Chastity Stemmons Enterprises is for you.The group courses and programs will challenge you to go to your next level of success in a community of like-minded individuals committed to personal and professional growth.  




  • An atmosphere of acceptance in a non-judgmental environment in which to learn.

  • Great place to create new relationships.

  •  Inspiration and encouragement from your Success Coach and group members.

  • The experience and perspective of other professionals.

  • Save money on group courses.

Youth and Family
Enrichment Courses

I Like Being Me our most successful course to date!

Register today for our CSE Personal Power Plan (4-part series) Adult Enrichment courses.  Our highly trained staff of professionals will help coach you into personal and professional success!


Speak To Your Child’s Success

Words are powerful. What you say and how you say it can shape your child or student’s performance, perspective and purpose. Learn how to use meaningful comments, announcements, and communication techniques to positively impact your child or student's life.  Speak To Your Child’s Success will empower you as a parent, teacher, or coach to encourage and inspire your child or student with your words.


Coach: Chastity Stemmons

Course: SCS


Long Distance Parenting

This course is designed for parents who have joint custody and/or live in a different city or state than their child. You don’t have to live with guilt or excuses because of your current living arrangements; instead learn how to get the best parent/child relationship possible.  You will be given practical tools and tips to foster a strong relationship, establish effective communication techniques, and develop strategies to be prepared, present, and purposeful with your child.


Coach: Chastity Stemmons

Course: SSLDP


Life After Divorce…and It’s a Good One!

Are you still feeling the effects of your divorce? Do you feel stuck not knowing what to do now that your divorce is final? Are your children caught in the middle of friendly fire between you and your ex? Come learn basic tips that will help you get your life on course, effectively manage your emotions, and pursue a purposeful satisfied life.   


Coach: Chastity Stemmons

Course: SSLAD


Marriage Miracles: Perfect Pair

Congratulations on your marriage! Whether you are a newlywed or have been married for decades we are excited about your relationship. Let us help you unlock the romance, purpose, and unfailing love for one another. You will learn strategies to help you navigate through difficult and challenging times that will cause your marriage to skyrocket. This course is filled with practical tips to help you communicate better, enjoy time together, and appreciate one another’s differences. Your marriage is the” Perfect Pair”.   


Coaches:  Ryan & Chastity Stemmons

Course: MMPP


Family Money Matters
Do you want to know what's always in style? Financial Freedom! In Money Matters, participants will explore emotional ties to money and motivations for spending while developing a plan to visually track financial progress. Class participants will learn to lower expenses and maximize their income with practical tips for salary benchmarking and negotiation.  Get ready to Fashion Your Families Finances Forward!


Coach: Latriece Kimbrough, CFO, CPA

Course: SSFMM



Personal & Professional Success


Personal Power Plan


WEEK 1 - Personal Power Plan Part 1:

Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life - Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but some people seem to get more out of them.  Learn to be more productive, manage competing priorities, and eliminate distractions and time-wasting activities.


WEEKS 2 - Personal Power Plan Part 2:

Living By the Code - Do you have a grand vision for your life or career but are unsure of how to achieve it?  This course is designed to reveal the underlined CORE VALUES that will provide a solid foundation for you to build your life and career upon. This course is part 2 of the 5 Part Personal Power Plan.


WEEK 3 - Personal Power Plan Part 3:

Vision and Mission Statement - The purpose of this course is for you to write a vision and mission plan that will encompass your core values and keep you focused on reaching your goals.  This course is part 3 of the 5 Part Personal Power Plan.


WEEK 4 - Personal Power Plan Part 4:

Goal Setting and Daily Tasks - In Pt 4 of the Personal Power Plan you will align your vision and mission statement with your goals and daily tasks into a successful action plan.


Plan Code: POWER



 Choose one course as an add-on to your existing women's program or wow your women with a 2-day conference including a keynote speech by CEO and President, Chastity Stemmons! Your women will never be the same after this life-changing event!

The Woman, The Word, & The Wardrobe

DAY 1: Keynote Inspirational Message

DAY 2: Fashion Me Forward Course

Do you properly convey the vision and standard of excellence that you have for yourself? Are you single and ready to be married? Are you a woman of excellence at home and at work? BOOK CHASTITY TODAY TO EMPOWER AND EQUIP YOU AND/OR YOUR TEAM!  


Look no further! You came to the right place to LEARN, LAUGH, & LOVE. THE HOMEMAKER IN HIGH HEELS SHOW is where you can find Chastity cooking up some inspiration with tips, tricks and life lessons to help YOU live genuinely, fashionably, and spiritually. The Homemaker in High Heels Show will help you spice up your HOME, LIFE, & STYLE! Join me for Family Fun & Adventure, Marriage & Parenting Tips, Home Decor/DIY Projects, Fashion Tips ​and Inspiration.


Chastity and Ryan are a dynamic duo who bring an inspiring message of love, hope, and faith to marriages and families. Their transparent, fun-loving, and practical approach allows marriages at every stage to grow in their relationships with one another and with God. CONTACT CHASTITY & RYAN TODAY TO BRING AN INSPIRING MESSAGE TO YOUR GROUP.

CSE's Style Services and Courses are fun, inspirational, and confidence building. Our power-packed tips were uniquely designed to lift the identity, visual presentation, and self concept of participants to a new level. Contact us for a full list of courses. BOOK CHASTITY TODAY TO CAUSE YOUR WOMEN TO SOAR TO THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT!


Join Chastity on the Mark Tolbert Drivetime Show every weekday from 3PM to 6PM on 95.3 FM. This is the place to be if you are ready to laugh, love, and learn all at the same time. LISTEN LIVE!

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