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"I was determined not to let the years of abuse and the pains of divorce stop me  from believing I could be made whole and be a great wife, mother and business woman.  I had faith in God and myself, because truthfully  I  was born to be a Homemaker In High Heels!"

Chastity Stemmons

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My "Homemaker In High Heels" Story. A Journey to Purpose, A Journey to Love.


Hi, I'm Chastity, mother to three amazing little nuggets that I adore and wife to one delicious delight of God's goodness delivered straight from heaven’s chocolate factory! My journey to being a wife, mother, and entrepreneur was quite an adventure. I met my husband Ryan, when I was 19 years old and, after dating him for one year, broke up with him and shortly after ran off to California with another guy and got married. 




I married for all the wrong reasons, but so many right things came out of it. I realized that heartbreak doesn't have to destroy you, but can be a very useful tool to develop you to become who you are meant to be. That marriage ended in divorce after 6 1/2 years of my best effort to keep it together. I was left disappointed which lead me to embark on the personal development process that changed my life forever!




One day in prayer I asked God "What am I here for?" He slowly began to reveal my purpose, passion, and what He put me on earth to do. As I searched my heart and listened to the voice within I found my passion for helping people. I started a women's empowerment group once a week during the lunch hour while working in accounting for a Fortune 500 company in St. Louis, Missouri. Before I knew it women from across the company, from entry-level to senior management began to come to hear me speak. During this time I was also selected by  Senior Executives to represent the company in videos and visual presentations. Shortly thereafter, I received the ABOVE and BEYOND award for excellence. 




Armed with the courage to pursue my dreams, I went on to host and speak at women's conferences, start a youth non-profit organization for schools and churches, and create a school program that was implemented in 3 states. I also produced, directed, and wrote a stage play, wrote a couple of songs, became a radio personality on the Mark Tolbert Drive Time Show on 95.3 FM in Kansas City, MO, and took my love for dance into the competition realm winning 4 national championships. 




While walking into my purpose God also blessed me to walk right back into the arms of the love of my life one year after my divorce! It wasn't just fate that brought Ryan and I back together. I believe God specifically created that loving, sizzling hot man just for me! Together we learned to co-parent my first born, gave birth to two more children, moved to three different states, got ordained as licensed Ministers, and purchased and designed 4 homes in less than 10 years. I wouldn't say all of this came easy, but it was worth it! Over the years, I have realized that above all, WIFE and MOTHER are my first callings. I love being Ryan's Wife and my children's Mother. 




My first job will always be WIFE and MOTHER but helping you succeed is also part of my purpose and God's plan for my life. I waited until now to birth this company only after learning practical tools to help balance the responsibilities of my home and business. This business has evolved over time combining my love for  family, faith, fashion, and business. I teach what I am most passionate about: LIFE! I love my life and I enjoy every aspect of it. The Homemaker in me loves taking my nuggets to Tae Kwan Do, basketball, and baseball games and practice. I look forward to date nights and great conversations with the hubs and I always make time for a great DIY project. However on my Life's Purpose Sheet from heaven there is a final ingredient to make my recipe perfect: Entrepreneur! That’s when I grab my laptop, put on a super fly outfit, slide into my high heels and Inspire, Empower, and Equip you to be all you can be. I'm Chastity your HOMEMAKER IN HIGHHEELS here to help you elevate your home, life, and style!